5 Best Places To Live In Wisconsin

Wisconsin is a wonderful place to live, with many beautiful towns and cities, a thriving culture and a great sense of community. This article looks at the 5 top places to live in the state and the reasons why they are so popular.


When deciding on the best places to live, it is important to take several factors into account.

These include:

-Crime rate
-Educational opportunities
-Economic growth

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When all these elements are taken into account, these are Wisconsin’s top five places:

Whitefish Bay

Whitefish Bay is a fantastic place to live. A village with only around 14,000 inhabitants, it has a small town vibe with a great quality of life. This lovely village has a unique sense of character and style with independent businesses thriving here.

Despite having a small-world feel, Whitefish Bay is close to the facilities and amenities of nearby Milwaukee, so there are plenty of opportunities for employment and socializing.

The schools here are excellent and there is a low crime rate which makes the village very attractive to families looking for good educational standards and a safe environment in which to raise children.

Elm Grove

Elm Grove is a tiny village with only just under 2,000 inhabitants, however it has a lot to recommend it as a perfect place to live. The population of Elm Grove pay less in taxes than the average and, for a settlement of its size, enjoys plenty of local amenities.

There is an exceptionally low crime rate with virtually no violent crime at all, so residents can enjoy peace and safety in their homes. Educational standards here are very high too, with almost all students graduating high school.


For those who prefer the attractions of a larger town, Onalaska has plenty to offer its residents. With lower than average purchase prices for properties and a higher than average household income, this town is a good choice for families.

As well as the low cost of living, residents can enjoy the beautiful local scenery with Lake Onalaska and the Great River State Trail on the doorstep, ideal for enjoying outdoor pursuits.


If you are looking for a slice of old fashioned life, Ripon is the ideal choice. The quaint downtown area has beautiful, well preserved buildings that have stood for over a century, and the streets are ideal for those who love to shop on foot.

Property prices are very affordable here and there are plenty of entertainment options, including a historic cinema.


For families wanting to live near all the facilities of a major city, DeForest has it all. Close to the bright lights and amenities of Madison, this family friendly town is perfect for families who enjoy an active lifestyle.

Hiking, canoeing and fishing are all recreational options here with the Yahara River and Northern Corridor Park nearby.

These are just five of the fantastic places to live in Wisconsin, however the state is full of great villages, towns and cities that are perfect for families.

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5 Fun Activities to do in Wisconsin

Many people may not realize it but there are many different types of activities and fun things to do in the state of Wisconsin. These five activities are often overlooked but they offer a great experience for visitors.

Visit a Theme Park

There are a number of these parks to visit in the state of Wisconsin. These parks offer something fun to do for the entire family. There are a number of water parks that offer some of the best and newest water dies. There are a number of outdoor activities and rides as well. There are theme parks all over the state including the Rain Tree Resort and Timber Falls Adventure Park.


There are many great places to Wisconsin to play paintball. There are plenty of woods that are reserved just for this game. A person can get with their team and they can develop a strategy to win the game. Instructors will also help organize a game and set up a paintball situation. Paintball will offer a good time and allow people to play in the wood of Wisconsin and one site that’s a great place to read more about the sport is the Paintball Professor.

Visit the Caves

There is a lot of fun to be had underground in the state of Wisconsin. There are a number of caves that a family can visit. There are a number of caves to visit such as the Cave of the Mounds. This cave and others offer guided tours underground. They also have additional features such as:

*fossil digs
*gemstone mining,
*underground hiking trails
*many other family friendly activities


There are a number of zoos and related outdoor activity in the state of Wisconsin. There are several zoos throughout the state including the Wildwood Wildlife Park and the Wilderness Walk Zoo and Recreation. Here people can walk through the zoo and check out all of the animals. There are also different trails to walk. There are some exotic animals as well as animals that are living in these zoos are a refuge.


There are also some winter activities that draw people to the state of Wisconsin. There are a number of places to go skiing and ice skating. There are private resorts that offer some of the best skiing in the country. There is something for every level as well from beginner to move advanced trails. Ski instruction is even available for those that have not been on the slopes.

For those that like ice skating there are many indoor rinks at these resorts. There are also outdoor ponds that are reserved just for ice skating.

There is a lot more to do in the state of Wisconsin then most people realize. This state has more than just cheese factories and football. While this is something that people can visit there are many other things to keep a family entertained. Wisconsin is a great place to visit any time of the year. There are many activities to keep people busy and allow them to enjoy their trip to the state of Wisconsin.

Why is Poker So Popular in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is known for a lot of things: Badgers football, cheese, and Aaron Rodgers.

But a new trend is taking hold here in the Badger state: poker. So why is poker so popular, not only here in Wisconsin, but all over the country and world? Well, pick up a good poker book and read up why on the nuances of the game if you’re interested.

We’ll try to explain it below ourselves.

From the way things are today it’s almost impossible to believe that poker was once considered something of a seedy, disreputable game, but it’s true and not as long ago as you’d think. Many of the stars of today’s game have their roots in that era in one way or another, including the proteges of Dave “Devilfish” Ulliott.


But in 1997, the invention by a poker champion of the ‘hole cam’ meant that televised poker could show the audience what cards each player had, making it possible to follow the game, and one show after another began to fill late night schedules around the world. Millions who never had before had much interest in the game started to watch, and swiftly became experts on the theory.

Wanting to test their skills, they flocked to new website Planet Poker and the various other sites that followed it, staking real money on their understanding of the cards.

The Television Factor

Having kickstarted interest in the game, TV continued to fan the flames. The World Poker Tour was invented and designed by a producer to make for exciting television, and was broadcasting by 2002. It would be followed by the EPT – the European Poker Tour – and ESPN’s coverage of the granddaddy of them all, the World Series of Poker.

But the biggest impact came in 2003, and while ESPN would broadcast it, the fact it was shown wasn’t as important as what happened.

The Moneymaker Effect

Chris Moneymaker won the World Series of Poker Main Event, earning two and a half million dollars. With the rising popularity of the game, champions today earn substantially more than that, but without this win they wouldn’t have.

The difference between Moneymaker and previous champions was his route to the World Series; he had qualified online, then shown that this new style could go on to win in the big leagues.

The result was startling – and immediate. Online poker’s revenues rapidly went from being measured in the low millions to the low billions, and have continued to grow ever since. Everyone wanted to try their hand.

Today, thousands around the world earn their livings playing poker competitively online.

Poker Celebrities

Hitting the big time for the game meant that the top players became celebrities, and their colorful nicknames and even more colorful personalities were a perfect fit for that.

As people like Phil Helmuth began rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous, the crossover proved to work in both directions; a startling number of celebrities showed up at these tournaments, some to watch but others because they’d earned the right to compete.

Teams of celebrity poker players and poker playing celebrities began to form and further publicize this amazing game.


For over ten years, the game of poker experienced a boom like few competitions ever will, and once the boom subsided, all that really meant was that the number of players was no longer growing so swiftly. Everyone who plays feels the need to keep playing… and winning.

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High Paying Jobs in Wisconsin

In the state of Wisconsin there are many opportunities for employment. There are also some jobs that pay very well. A person can make a lot of money and enjoy the peace and quit of this state.

There are many well paying employment opportunities in a number of different fields where a person can make a good living.

Architectural Engineer

This job has a person responsible for building new structures and making sure everything is safely constructed. They will work with the construction company and lay out the plans for the new building. In this state the average salary is around $148,000 a year to design buildings. The state also wants their engineers to use eco friendly materials during the construction process.


There are many open positions for nurses. A nurse can work in a hospital, a doctor’s office, a clinic, and a number of other places. Nurses are in high demand and they can make some good money. The average nurse makes around $40,000 a year. There are also a number of bonuses when a nurse signs on because they are in such high demand. My daughter just graduated nursing school, actually, and I picked her up some nice nurse gifts to celebrate. If you have any nurses in your own family, you can pick up some nice gear here: 4anurse.com


This is a another career in the medical field that is in high demand. Dentists are also needed in the state of Wisconsin. A dentist can work for a larger practice or they can open up their own practice. The average salary for a dentist in this state is over $100,000 a year.

Computer System Managers

These computer and technology jobs are in high demand. A person does not need a four year degree for this position but they do need some additional training after high school. They can get this type of job with an associates degree or even a specialized certificate. The computer system manager will help set up computer system and make sure they stay in working order. The average salary for this job is around $100,000 a year.

Secondary Teachers

Teachers are in high demand in this state. While teachers across the country are seeing layoffs and are having trouble finding employment the state of Wisconsin is looking for high school teachers especially those that are certified to teach math and science. These jobs pay well and a person can start off around $60,000 a year which is high for a teaching position.

Airplane Pilots

Qualified pilots are sought after in Wisconsin. The average pilot will make around $98,000 a year. There are major cities that they can work out of and will stay busy. A pilot should be used to flying in all types of weather conditions and should be prepared for delays due to the weather. If a pilot has the skills and they patience they can make a good living.

These are just some of the top paying jobs in the state of Wisconsin. These jobs are in high demand and in this state there are plenty of job opportunities. Nurses are other professional are being actively sought out and a person can start their career and make a good living in the state of Wisconsin.

The Love Affair Between Wisconsin And Their Teams

As a mid-western state, Wisconsin sports teams may not garner the same level of outside attention from sport’s enthusiastsas big market cities such as New York and Los Angeles draw to their ranks. In terms of enthusiasm and love for their teams, however; a more loyal company of fans cannot be found anywhere in North America.

Yes indeed, Wisconsin folks love the teams that represent them. Lets take a look at a few big-time examples of the unique connection between the citizens of this state and their sports.

1) Professional Football: The Green Bay Packers

This storied football team’s rich history and winning tradition is simply epic in proportion. Founded in 1919, the Packers have won more league championships than any other team in NFL history, thirteen to be exact. They were coached by the legendary Vince Lombardi from 1959 through 1967, and won five league titles during that time. Perhaps the greatest story of all, however, is the bond between the city of Green Bay and the team that literally belongs to them. The Packers are the only NFL team that is publicly owned by the community, and the connection between the fans and their team is undeniable.

For evidence of this, just watch what happens when a Packer wide receiver scores a touchdown. The scoring celebration is not complete until the ball-carrier has leaped into the crowded stands and been lovingly hugged and patted on the back and helmet by dozens of adoring fans. Equally compelling are the number of Packer fans who travel to watch them play on the road every year. Without fail, when the television camera scans the crowd, a multitude of proud Packer faithful, equipped with their green and yellow jerseys and “cheese-heads” are spotted among the fans of their rival.

2) Professional Baseball: The Milwaukee Brewers

Brewers fans understand disappointment. Located in the city of Milwaukee since 1970, the team has made exactly one trip to the World Series, where in 1982 they eventually lost to the St Louis Cardinals. They came close again in 2011, advancing all the way to the National League Championship Series before losing again the the Cardinals. The Brewers overall record since arriving in Milwaukee is a losing one, but all of that is secondary to the great pride this team brings to the people of Wisconsin.

The list of former greats who wore the Brewers uniform is impressive, to say the least, and includes: Paul Molitor, Robin Yount, Rollie Fingers, and Hank Aaron. In addition, Wisconsin citizens everywhere adore the broadcasting voice of the Brewers, the famously lovable and colorful personality, Mr. Bob Uecker. Long live baseball in Wisconsin! You can be sure these players were on kind of supplements, such as Total Primate Care.

3) College Football and Basketball: The University of Wisconsin Badgers

Big-Ten college excitement reigns statewide when the Badgers take the field to battle a football opponent, or sprint onto the court for a basketball contest. To understand the excitement among the Wisconsin faithful, one has to be in the stands and actually feel the electricity. The Badgers have a fan base that takes enthusiasm to a whole new level each week during the football season, where over 80,000 fans pack Camp Randall Stadium, just as they have been doing at this historic stadium for nearly 100 years. They have so much energy, they are probably taking some New Mood.

Not to be outdone by football, Badgers-fever is rampant here as over 17,000 basketball fans throng to the Kohl Center on cold winter days to cheer on their team to victory. The Badgers have repaid the fans of both sports for their support, encountering great success in the Big-Ten and in the national rankings each year.

So the next time a sports conversation emerges around the water cooler at your place of employment, remember the state of Wisconsin, a place rich in sports heritage whose people are virtually buzzing with an ongoing sense of loyalty, love, and enthusiasm for their teams.

5 Places to Visit in Wisconsin

The state of Wisconsin is a great place to live and to work and it is also a great place for entertainment and fun. People might not realize this but Wisconsin attractions are among some of the best in the country.

There is so much to do that it would literally take a person a whole entire year to enjoy all of the activities, places and events that are available within this state. The following information will explain some of the major attractions and events that is offered in this state.


1. The Badger State’s Main Attractions

Local residents and tourists who travel throughout Wisconsin can visit the following places to enjoy a wide variety of entertainment and events. First up is the Wisconsin Dells. This place is actually a small city and is known as the Dells. It has a huge theme and water park resort. As a matter of fact The Dells has dubbed itself as “The Water Park Capital of the World”. Noah’s Park which is located in The Dells and has so many visitors each year that it has been ranked the 8th most visited theme park in the United States.

The Harley Davidson Museum is another place of interest inside of Wisconsin. It is located within the city of Milwaukee and is ranked as one of the best attractions within the state. Other destinations and attractions include Circus World, Baboo (located in The Dells); Door County Trolly (located in Fish Creek) and the Milwaukee Art Museum.

2. Sporting Events and Wisconsin

Sports are big in Wisconsin and there are many big name sports teams that compete all year long. First up is the Green Bay Packers. This football franchise is based out of the city of Green Bay and is a premiere NFL team. People can attend Lambeau Field to see the Packers take on various NFL teams during their home games.

The University of Wisconsin is located inside of the state’s capital (Madison) and is home to the Badgers. The Badgers compete in the Big 10 division and take on highly ranked football and basketball teams such as as Michigan State, Penn State and Ohio State. Local residents and out-of-town visitors can attend Camp Rand Stadium to see football games and basketball games take place at the Kohl Center.The Milwaukee Brewers is the state’s pro baseball team and they play games at Miller Park. The Milwaukee Bucks is the state’s pro basketball team and they play their games at BMO Harris Bradley Center.

3. Wisconsin Water Attractions

Lakes Michigan and Superior are two great lakes that border Wisconsin on the north and east sides. Since this state has access to so much water it offers many water related activities for people to do. Boat tours, water parks, kayaking, fishing and boat racing are just a few of the events that people can enjoy on the waters that surround Wisconsin. Many of these activities are located in various coastal cities and towns all over the state.

4. Major Festivals and Local Events in Wisconsin

There are plenty of festivals, fairs and local events that take place all around Wisconsin each year. The biggest events include the Summerfest (Milwaukee), Brat Festival (Madison), Riverfest (Watertown), the Balloon Rally and Glow and Big Bull Falls BBQ Rib Fest (Wausau), the Wisconsin State Fair (West Allis), Bayfield Apple Festival (Bayfield), Warrens Cranberry Festival (Warrens), Sister Bay Fall Fest (Sister Bay), Red Arrow Park Iceskating (Milwaukee), The Mountain Top (Lake Geneva), U.S. National Snow Sculpting Competition (Lake Geneva), Bayfield Winter Festival and Cheeseheads can also visit the Cheese Curd Festival in Ellsworth.

5. Outdoor Activities in Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s outdoor activities can be experienced all year long. People can camp, hike and go exploring at the state’s popular campground sites such as Franklin Lake (Eagle River), Devil’s Lake State Park (Baraboo), Govenor Dodge (Dodgeville) and Boot Lake Campground in (Townsend).

During the fall season the state of Wisconsin is transformed into a beautiful land filled with extravagant color. Tourists can take scenic drives in places such as Marinette County’s Waterfall Tour and the Kettle Moraine Scenic Drive. Other outdoor activities include biking trails, jogging paths and off-road riding.All of these attractions will keep people busy for days on end.

However, do not forget that the events that are listed here are a small portion of the many fun activities and places that are available in Wisconsin. With all of the exciting locations to visit and events that take place; Wisconsin will always provide people with fun and entertainment all year long.

Wisconsin’s Most Popular Foods

Wisconsin is probably best known for its cheese, however there are plenty of other popular foods in the Badger State! From the state’s official fruit, the cranberry, to traditions stemming from original settlers, this Wisconsin travel guide explores some of Wisconsin’s top food choices.

Cheese Curds

Ok, I just said that there was more to Wisconsin than just cheese, but these amazing battered, squeaky cheese nuggets are just delicious! You can buy them without batter too if you’re looking for a healthier option and both are spectacularly tasty. That’s probably something to do with the fact that Wisconsin is true dairy country and the state has its own Master Cheesemaker program which guarantees an expert level of skill in all matters concerning the production of cheese. No wonder there’s so much of it around!


But not just regular German style bratwursts. Oh no! In Wisconsin, you eat your bratwursts in a tasty beer and onion sauce (of course, since beer is the other thing the state is best known for!) These grilled sausages should always be served on a brat bun, preferably with spicy mustard and possibly jalapeno peppers.

Chicken Booyah

This is one of the recipes brought over with the original Belgian immigrants and it has become a staple of the state. Chicken booyah gets its name from the type of pot that it is cooked in, a booyah, which is a kind of iron kettle. Popular at large events, the cooking process can take forever – at least two days – depending on how authentic you want to be. Made from a broth base, it containsvegetables and meat, either chicken, pork or beef, or a mix of all three. In some places in Wisconsin, they even hold booyah cooking contests!

Broasted Chicken

Yes, that’s right. Broasted. Not broiled, not roasted, broasted. Invented over 60 years ago, it quickly became a hit in the Badger State. Cooked in a specialized pressure fryer after being marinated and breadcrumbed, broasted chicken was invented in Wisconsin in 1956 by L.A.M. Phelan


As I stated earlier, cranberries are the official state fruit and Wisconsin is actually the biggest producer of cranberries in the country. The state actually has a festival and a museum dedicated to this delicious fruit and they can often be found in local dishes, fresh or dried.


Declared to be the state’s official pastry in 2013, the Swedish kringle has certainly found its second home here. Similar in shape to a pretzel, these delicious snacks are made from the same dough as a Danish pastry and can be iced or filled with a selection of amazing sweet fillings from nuts to fruit. You can even find a kringle flavored cream liqueur here!

And Here Are Some Others…Why not try these other popular treats that Wisconsin has to offer:

Friday fish fry
Frozen custard
Cream puffs
Butter burgers
Blue Moon ice cream
Fish boil

And there are countless others! But these are some of the most popular culinary offers the state can supply. Why not try them all?

5 Walking Tours In Wisconsin

The state of Wisconsin is bursting at the seams with history and heritage, and what better way to see it all than on foot? That way, you can really take the time to explore the beautiful old buildings and learn about the people and industries behind them. This Wisconsin travel guide shows you five of the best historical walking tours that the state has to offer.


Historic Milwaukee Inc. are committed to helping visitors to discover more about the city’s heritage. To that end, they provide five distinct guided walks, each covering a different aspect of Milwaukee’s history. They are:

1. North Point Mansions – famous for its well-preserved early 20th century architecture, highlights of this tour include theNorth Point Water Tower, St. Mary’s Hospital and Gustav Trostel Mansion.

2. Brady Street – this visit concentrates on the colorful Polish and Italian heritage of this area.

3. Historic Third Ward – An exploration of the industries that developed in the warehouses of this district.

4. Historic Downtown – A fascinating look into the historic Milwaukee streetscape, passing old buildings such as the city hall and Grain Exchange.

5. Skywaukee – the perfect winter walk where you never have to go out in the cold! The whole walk is enjoyed from the warm indoor skywalk!


The city offers six self-guided walking tours, each allowing visitors to enjoy different facets of Watertown’s heritage. Find out more about the history of brewing or explore Clyman Street where the city’s early prominent citizens made their home. Alternatively, take a stroll along historic Main Street, search out the sites of old advertisements, view the old stately homes of Washington Street or walk the Richmonds Hill district and visit the Octagon House.


Prescott’s Welcome and Heritage Center is the perfect place to start your tour of this town that saw its heyday in the 1850s and 60s. Take a tour at your own pace of the many Italianate and Grecian revival buildings that the town has to offer and see prominent landmarks such as the commercial buildings along Broad Street that were constructed in the 1870s, theVertical-Lift Bridge Gear-house where the original machinery is still intact and St Joseph’s Catholic Church with its twin steeples.


Originally known as Willow River, Hudson was founded in 1840 and many of its historic buildings date back to its very earliest days. Pick up a walking tour leaflet and explore architectural gems such as the Opera House, First Baptist Church and the Star-Times Building.


Baraboo Tours offer three exciting and informative guided walking tours around this intriguing town. With its unique, colorful past, linked to the circus owning Ringling Brothers, Baraboo has plenty of ghost stories to discover. Explore the downtown district and learn more about the Ringling connection, hear about the history behind the town’s churches or take an evening ghost tour and hear historical scary tales.

Take some exercise and improve your fitness while you immerse yourself in the heritage of some of Wisconsin’s most historical and cultured towns and cities. What are you waiting for? Get your walking shoes on today!