Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Review

The Hoover WindTunnel T-Series vacuum has been reviewed by over 4,000 reviewers on Amazon, and sells for $99. It’s one of the best vacuum cleaners that we’ve reviewed to date. It’s strong, simple, fast, powerful, and durable — all great qualities that you look for in a unit that’s under $100. What are some of the killer features of this vacuum? Well, check these out, via Amazon.com:

  • It’s a very lightweight unit, which is important nowadays when you’re considering your all-in-one vacuum cleaner. You need your unit to be light enough so that you can carry it around from room to room. “Don’t forget about having to vacuum your stairs,” says Jamie Chan, of top5vacuums.com. “You’re going to want a vacuum that’s light enough so that you have no issue going up and down your staircase, or even out in your garage.”
  • This WindTunnel has a five position height adjustment, which is useful for reaching hard to get to areas; it also features a 13-1/2-inch-wide nozzle, which makes for getting those large load paths; it also has a no-scuff bumper for when you accidentally bang into your furniture.
  • This unit ships with a 27-foot retractable power cord, a rinse-clean filter and a permanent HEPA filter, which has become standard for most modern vacuums these days.
  • The Hoover also includes an extension wand, crevice tool, upholstery/dusting brush, and powered hand tool, so you are certainly not lacking in the attachments department.

So those are the most important features. It also has terrific suction power, and a pretty great price point at around $99. If that’s your budget, then we’d definitely recommend this unit. It might not last you 10 years like some Dyson or Miele models, but it should do the trick for most clean up jobs.

Miele S7210 Review

Although the Miele isn’t good on the eyes, it definitely does its job cleaning. The Miele is a powerful suctioning vacuum with a lot of great features designed to help clean, containing automatic height adjustment, integrated dusting brush, crevice nozzle, upholstery tool and the ability to turn this 19 pound vacuum with a little wrist flick is definitely a contender in the vacuum competition. The Miele is easy to move and manuever despite the size (45.1 x 15.2 x 9.8 inches) and weight of it. (See more here).


Miele features ‘SwivelNeck’ technology and as mentioned before, this allows you to manoeuvre the vacuum with such ease and the ability to extend it so it’s flat to the floor, so when trying to vacuum under a bed, a couch or a chair – instead of moving all the furniture causing more hassle and effort, you vacuum can just be effortlessly tilted to fit under anything! The hose is another great feature allowing you to reach many places due to the length.


Unfortunately, the tubing is easily clogged up when you vacuum anything too big. Even though you aren’t supposed to vacuum anything heavy, big, etc… there are times you miss it and the Miele isn’t at all forgiving. Losing suction almost instantly requiring the tube to be cleared before continuing. Not a major flaw and can be avoided, but every other vacuum I’ve had hasn’t made such a big deal when I’ve vacuumed something alittle too big.

The Miele is powerful, easy to use vacuum and the cost may be higher than other vacuums ($449), but that’s because the quality is better than other vacuums. With vacuum suction control and great features, the Miele is perfect, hardworking vacuum which won’t disappoint!

Sources: Good Housekeeping

Tips for Cleaning Your Wood Floors

I have to admit, my favorite part of my kitchen — actually, the favorite part of my entire house — are my hardwood floors. They are beautiful, shiny, and elegant. They really elevate the look of a home to very classical. Unfortunately, they are also a bit tricky to keep clean.

So here are some quick, simple tips for getting the job done:

– Using soap and water: this one sounds rather obvious, but you do NOT need to use any kind of special cleaning chemical to clean your wood floors. Soap and hot water will work just fine. By using a cleaning solution, the chemicals will eat away at the wood, causing damage. A good mop will aid in the job here; simply fill up a (clean) bucket with hot water and soap, and get mopping. Besides, soap and water is also a lot cheaper than using a cleaning solution.

– Use the right vacuum: a lot of people vacuum their wood floors, but they just choose any old vacuum to do the job. Big mistake (potentially). Not all vacuums are made the same, and some of them can be harmful to your hardwood floors. You should use a vacuum that has an adjustable on/off brush-roll, that way you can avoid leaving nasty scratches and scrapes. You can simply use a handheld vac, but that would take you forever. So an upright vacuum is definitely the best option; just make sure it is “wood floor friendly.”

– No shoes allowed: it’s funny how much of floor damage can be prevented by simple common sense. When I was growing up, we had a rule (well, we had a lot of rules, but this was just one of them) — when you enter the house, you must take off your shoes. Simple. What did this accomplish? Well, for one, any dirt that got on the bottom of your shoes was not tracked into the house. And when you think about it, that’s what really causes a lot of the damage to our wood floors — dirt and debris getting caught under our shoes, and then us running those shoes across our floors. By simply not allowing anyone in the house with their shoes on, we’ve solved half the problem.

You’re welcome.