Tips for Keeping Your Wood Floors Clean

I have to admit, my favorite part of my kitchen — actually, the favorite part of my entire house — are my hardwood floors. They are beautiful, shiny, and elegant. They really elevate the look of a home to very classical. Unfortunately, they are also a bit tricky to keep clean.

So here are some quick, simple tips for getting the job done:

– Using soap and water: this one sounds rather obvious, but you do NOT need to use any kind of special cleaning chemical to clean your wood floors. Soap and hot water will work just fine. By using a cleaning solution, the chemicals will eat away at the wood, causing damage. A good mop will aid in the job here; simply fill up a (clean) bucket with hot water and soap, and get mopping. Besides, soap and water is also a lot cheaper than using a cleaning solution.

– Use the right vacuum: a lot of people vacuum their wood floors, but they just choose any old vacuum to do the job. Big mistake (potentially). Not all vacuums are made the same, and some of them can be harmful to your hardwood floors. You should use a vacuum that has an adjustable on/off brush-roll, that way you can avoid leaving nasty scratches and scrapes. You can simply use a handheld vac, but that would take you forever. So an upright vacuum is definitely the best option; just make sure it is “wood floor friendly.”

– No shoes allowed: it’s funny how much of floor damage can be prevented by simple common sense. When I was growing up, we had a rule (well, we had a lot of rules, but this was just one of them) — when you enter the house, you must take off your shoes. Simple. What did this accomplish? Well, for one, any dirt that got on the bottom of your shoes was not tracked into the house. And when you think about it, that’s what really causes a lot of the damage to our wood floors — dirt and debris getting caught under our shoes, and then us running those shoes across our floors. By simply not allowing anyone in the house with their shoes on, we’ve solved half the problem.

You’re welcome.